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Artistic Statement:

Sasha Chudacoff is a multidisciplinary artist working in dance movement education, choreography, practice as research, performance, aerial dance, film and photography. As a community-based dance artist, she explores her body, land, and spirit of place through dance/body research and project development. Sasha finds inspiration in physical images, touch, somatic dance practices, story, Butoh-inspired body practices, and connection to the natural world. Integrating dance for all bodies has been a focus within her career in dance education and performance. With a background in somatic psychology, dance/movement therapy and developmental movement, she blends these modalities in her technique and fitness classes for kids and adults. As a culturally competent dance educator and artist, Sasha explores the larger systems of power and oppression at play in any artistic project. As a lifelong practice, she is dedicated to exploring her own personal biases, how they influence perceptions of social and environmental inequalities, and how this translates to bodies and movement. A transplant from the Bay area to Colorado, she is currently a teaching artist at the Crested Butte School of Dance and Crested Butte Dance Collective. Sasha additionally teaches private lessons and develops independent dance film projects. She values and trusts innate body wisdom.

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Dance Director Statement:

My work explores the theater of life, the natural world, beauty and darkness. Of
Russian, Jewish heritage, I am committed to being a multicultural advocate and art
activist. How does my heritage play a role in how I make sense of the world? Using

art as a tool to increase awareness on complex environmental issues and
community engagement inspires me. Currently, I make culturally relevant and
environmental dance works in my rural community in CO. Through community-
based dance projects, solo work and dance education, I investigate ideas in
navigating meaning, movement research, complexities, paradox, environmental
activism, climate justice and social justice.

Sasha Dance Movement

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