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Sasha Chudacoff

Sasha Chudacoff is a multidisciplinary artist working in dance movement education, choreography, practice as research, performance, aerial dance, film and photography. As a community-based dance artist, she explores her body, land, and spirit of place through dance/body research and project development.

Online Dance Cardio Classes!

Dance Class #3 is available! All welcome!

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Dear Creative Family and Community,

Hope you are staying well in these unusual times. Please keep it moving- endorphins going, heart pumping, sweat dripping... So very important! We know dancing reduces cortisol and releases feel good endorphins.


Hip hop Cardio Community Dance Classes have moved to an online platform  2 times per week. Videos can be viewed on Vimeo, downloaded if you wish, and used at your leisure. They can be watched as many times as you like. You pick a time that works for you to take class. More coming! Each class is different, so check them all out. The cool thing about this occurring is that anyone anywhere can take class with us. Cardio dance class is fun and intended for all levels and ages. Please feel free to forward this to anyone who may be interested.


Here is the newest material:

Class #3 (3/25):

Hip hop Cardio Old Skool Jams

Class #2 (3/21):

Hip hop Cardio with Motown hits!

Class #1 (3/18)

Hip hop Cardio Dance

Sasha Dance Movement

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